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New Beginning

In January I had 4 of my 7 mid day clients change. Either from job changes, retirement or sadly even one dog passed away. I also had my own dog suffer illness with the start of tremors and seizures. With my girl being my 5 pound puppy it was so scary seeing her shake and twist without her being able to have any control. I took her to the vet, and I feel like I was giving bad advice, bring her back with in three hours if she has another seizure so we can do blood work. Well, she did have more tremors that happened all the time at night, I was confused by this theory that we need to have the blood work done with in three hours of the tremor. She was not getting any better and had even lost weight so I took her back to the vet. The blood work came back as low calcium. They out ruled epilepsy, but being 8 year old a female still intact they wondered if her hormones were going hay wire. So we started crushing Tums and giving Tink her "Peppermint" three times a day, Sure enough the seizures and tremors stopped! She was very lethargic and just needed time to recover, she started gaining weight and strength back and I was thrilled. She had surgery to spay to take off the table the chance that it was her hormones. After her surgery I was not so diligent with her Tums and noticed small slight head tremors one night. I went back to her dose of a quarter tablet of Tums 3 times a day and she is still on them. It was nothing to do with her being intact, though I do not regret spaying her. She has more blood work on Mon April 11th. If she has to be on calcium (Tums) or her "Peppermint" as we call it for the rest of her life, so be it. She is my special little baby girl and I will do anything for her!

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